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Teledyne Monitor Labs is a leading supplier of environmental monitoring
instrumentation, systems and software


Products & Services

RegPerfect Data Acquisition System
Teledyne Monitor Labs is the leading supplier of environmental monitoring data acquisition systems. Whether your requirement is driven by local, state, or federal environmental regulations, Teledyne Monitor Labs has the expertise and track record to meet your data reporting needs. We are specialists in electronic data reporting which is often necessary for today’s emissions reporting requirements. Currently, Teledyne Monitor Labs has outstanding field proven, PC based data acquisition systems that can satisfy your needs whether they be for 40CFR60 or 40CFR75 requirements or the Nox Budget Program.

Opacity Monitors
Teledyne Monitor Labs has been the source for quality Opacity monitoring instrumentation for nearly 30 years. From the RM4 and RM41 series introduced in the early 70's to today's current technology, Teledyne Monitor Labs is the premier supplier of opacity monitors. Teledyne Monitor Labs understands the tough application demands and hostile operating environment often encountered in our industrial and utility customer base. Our years of experience coupled with nearly 10,000 opacity installations worldwide ensure your satisfaction with these outstanding products. 

Flow Monitors
Teledyne Monitor Labs is the leading supplier of compliance Flow Monitoring. The New Ultraflow 150 State-of-the-art signal processing and innovative modularity offers customers incomparable performance, accuracy, flexibility and a maintenance-free solution amongst all flow technologies. Teledyne Monitor Labs understands the tough application demands of Industry and Utilities. Our years of experience in all types of stack flow configurations ensure outstanding accuracy and long-life trouble free installations. 
Introducing the UltraFlow150

Newest CEM Analyzers - sensor-e®
Teledyne Monitor Labs proudly introduces the newest line of CEM Analyzers, the sensor-e® series.  The sensor-e® analyzers provide a dependable, accurate and convenient method of measuring various gases such as hydrogen sulfide, total reduced sulfur, NOx, NO, NO2, CO, CO2 and SO2.  All instruments in this series include an extensive built-in data acquisition capability using the analyzer's internal memory.  This allows multiple parameter logging including averaged or instantaneous values, calibration data and operating parameters such as flow, pressure and lamp intensity.

Ambient Air and CEM Analyzers - ML® 9800
Teledyne Monitor Labs’ ambient air analyzers are intelligent analyzers designed with state of the art features, outstanding gas measurement sensitivity and reliability. And at a lower cost of ownership. With over 30 years experience in meeting worldwide requirements for ambient air monitoring, Teledyne Monitor Labs can provide the analyzers or systems to meet your most demanding applications. Our datalogger provides seamless integration into many of the worlds ambient monitoring networks. The analyzers in this family provide measurements of ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Special versions of these analyzers, including a carbon dioxide analyzer, are available for CEMS applications.

Extractive and Dilution Monitoring
Teledyne Monitor Labs offers a choice of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems. Our extractive gas measurement systems include both conventional extractive systems and dilution extractive systems such as our new catalytic sensor technique. Analyzers and measurement systems are selected for your specific application requirements. All are complete pre-engineered systems which can be tailored to a wide variety of industrial process and compliance monitoring applications.

In Situ Analyzers
Teledyne Monitor Labs In Situ Analyzers combine microprocessor-based electronics with a rugged in situ design, for a revolutionary approach to monitoring most combustion and compliance applications including SO2 and NO concentrations.


Total Product Support and Services
Teledyne Monitor Labs is dedicated to maintaining the capability to serve the needs of customers who use a very wide variety of emission monitoring products. These include in-situ, extractive and dilution CEMS; many generations of computerized data acquisition systems, opacity monitors ranging from the 1970-vintage designs to today's current technology, as well as a complete line of ambient air monitors. Teledyne Monitor Labs has built a service team with similarly broad skill sets and deep technical competencies to meet this broad range of needs. We have a number of service centers that provide regional service at an affordable cost to a wide geographical distribution of customers.

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