The following tables list the commonly used analog outputs, units and digital output selections.

Parameters for Analog Outputs
Average Standard Flow Volume
Average Actual Flow Volume
Average Medium Internal Temperature
Average Medium External Temperature
Average Barometric Pressure
Instantaneous Standard Flow Volume
Instantaneous Actual Flow Volume
Instantaneous Actual Velocity
Average Actual Velocity


CFS Volume (cubic feet per sec)
CFM Volume (cubic feet per minute)
CFH Volume (cubic feet per hour)

Volume (1000 cubic feet per sec)

KCFM Volume (1000 cubic feet per minute)
KCFH Volume (1000 cubic feet per hour)
CMS Volume (cubic meters per sec)
CMM Volume (cubic meters per minute)
CMH Volume (cubic meters per hour)
KCMS Volume (1000 cubic meters per sec)
KCMM Volume (1000 cubic meters per min)
KCMH Volume (1000 cubic meters per hr)
F Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit)
C Temperature (degrees Celsius)
In Hg

Barometric Pressure (inches of mercury)

mm Hg

Barometric Pressure (millimeters of mercury)

Ft/sec Velocity (feet per second)
M/sec Velocity (meters per second)


Parameters for Digital Outputs
ZERO Data on Analog Output
SPAN LOW Data on Analog Output
SPAN HIGH Data on Analog Output
NORMAL Data on Analog Output
Calibration Data on Analog Output
Interference Test
Fatal Fault
Non-Fatal Fault

Purge Failure

Calibration Failure

Data Valid

Average Flow Volume Alarm
Average Medium Temperature Alarm